Hi everyone!  Welcome to Free Movement Dance Solutions, today we have tiger here and my name is Sandra Faustina, I'm a dance instructor and also the founder of

Free Movement Solutions! So if you're here today and you want to master dance I've got you, So we're gonna talk about how you're going to easily learn dance choreographies, and we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves. So let's go talk about the tips and tricks that we have to easily learn dance choreographies whether it's online or physical dance classes so the first thing we're going to talk about is.

To listen to the music why I say that is because a lot of times you're just dancing to the music without actually understanding the music, so what I mean by that is sometimes you forget about the counts, sometimes you forget about the feeling so you've got to first and foremost understand the music. So listen to the music try to count the music is it counts of four counts of eight council seven or counts of four and a half I don't know depends on the music that you have. So go and listen to the music one two three four five six seven eight and a two two three four five six seven eight. Most music counts are in counts of eight so go and listen to the music so you know exactly where to do the counts for your dance moves of course when it comes to music you need to also understand how to ride with the music, dance with the music in Vibe with the music so you actually know the whole feeling of the dance well the different genres of dance right If you're talking about Street dance a lot of the time you know you need to know how to Vibe, but if you're talking about ballet you also need to be able to listen to the music so you know where to execute your movements so making sure to understand the music is something that we have to do as our own homework get the music from the instructor or ask where to get the music from YouTube it, Spotify it whether it's the online or physical class I'm pretty sure you can find the music and just listen to it and now once you're listening to the music.

The second tip that I'm gonna have for you is to close your eyes.  Now why I say to close your eyes is because sometimes visually there are a lot of distractions going on around us, so when you close your eyes and listen to the music you'll realize that there are a lot of things that you haven't heard before so when you have your headphones on, your earpads on or I don't know what else you use your speakers blasting out loud just just close your eyes and internalize the music and really listen to it. You will hear different things you didn't hear before whether it's the base, whether it's the Drums, whether it's the violin I don't know what music it is that you're gonna listen to but just close your eyes, and just close your visual side of things and just listen to everything that you have in mind.


The third thing we're going to talk about would be breathing. Have you ever danced and really just felt really out of breath by the end of the dance and you're just wondering how the heck people do 10 dancers when I'm doing one dance and I'm so out of breath. Well in dance we talk about breathing techniques but I'm not gonna dwell into that right now but perhaps to do another video for that but breathing is another thing that you need to always remember, when you dance if you're holding your breath and do your of your dancers and all of your extras you're gonna really run out of here you cannot really go tired so make sure that you need to remember to breathe whether one two three breath in and let go or hold and go so remember to breathe or even ask your instructors about how to breathe. As you dance so that regulating your breathing would mean that you can really elongate how you can dance throughout the whole dance and not be super enthusiastic about the dance at the beginning but by the end of the dance you're so out of breath that you're just not performing anymore so breathing is definitely something to work on so always remember. If you're not sure you can always ask your instructor or wait for a next video coming up.

The fourth way to easily learn the choreography would be to go full out so the differences that we're going to talk about here one would be marking, second will be full out and the third would really be to perform so what I mean by marking is you know instead of really going all out to do all of the jobs and all the counting marking could mean that you're just doing it halfway through and not doing, full out with all your energy into it this is a technique we use to conserve energy for the real show or for the real full out now when we say full out it means that okay you're gonna put it make sure your execution is right your timing is right everything is right there when we are asking for it. So that's a full out but interesting thing is when you're talking about performance. Performance is a lot about the performance quality and where performance quality is well it's a lot in the face you see a lot of street dance right So you think you can dance that's one dance mobs is another one but you see a lot of performance quality for the face whether it's the eyes the smile, the expressions the performance, quality comes throughout the entire body as well where it's a sternum you know what about your arms so there's a lot of things that goes around performance quality. It's not just about making sure that your steps are all correct you know all the time but it's about expressing yourself through the steps and that's the beauty of dancing to be able to perform and put your heart and your soul to it but also to show who you are as a dancer so don't forget to perform when you go full out or even if you're marking always try and make sure that you're getting the counts right and this is one of the definite ways that you can improve learning choreographies.

The fifth tip I'm going to give you today is to understand your body and understanding how you move. What I mean by this is all of us dancers are very different right so some dancers learn a lot faster sometimes us learn a lot slower some of our body parts are moving a lot better than the other some of our body parts perhaps. It's a little bit more Improvement perfect you as a human being and as a dancer you are born perfect and you're made perfect the only question is how we're going to improve that all right so let's say for instance I know that for myself as a dancer I'm always lacking on my lower half of my body which means that my lower limbs, my legs need more work as compared to my arms so why and how I'm going to break things down so that I can get a little bit better when the neocography. Is to focus on the different body part at each time so whenever I'm doing full out a dance choreography, or part of a choreography I focus first on my legs whether it's pointing my feet whether it's lengthening my knees whether it's you know making sure I turn out many different things that I can do but I'm focusing first on my lower part of my body the next time once I've mastered that I have done enough times so that I know that my legs are okay now I'm gonna focus on my arms where my arms going to be is this angle correct you know how can I put my accent in it how can I perform with it so a lot of different things come into it right so many different things such that if you break down your body part you realize that it gets a little bit easier focus is key focus on different body parts at one time the next thing you could perhaps look at is your head. So perhaps you can look at the angling of your head right where and goes where's my instructor putting his head is he going this way is he going straight is he tilting down is he tilting to the side I don't know but the only way to know is for you to realize it yourself by focusing now just on your head of course there's so many different parts of the body to break down so go slow take it one step at a time okay but really break down your body kind of like dissect your body and go one part at a time master it put it all back together and you've got your choreography much better.

Now if you've ever felt really overwhelmed because the choreography is just so long and you just can't remember so many things always make notes whether it's physical notes writing in your dance diary or mental notes taking notes at which counts and which accent or listening to the music and taking notes, with the music always take notes now I know some dancers who would write after class you know they take out their pen take out their dance diary and they start writing it down that's a really good habit to have right but if you are more of a mental person where you really want to take. Mental notes definitely one way to do that is to really listen to the music and take note on which comment which color which continent or which accent that you really need to go if you're not sure check your instructor as well best person to check with.

The last and final tip I'm gonna have for you is to mimic the choreographers movements before making it your own now what I mean by this is a lot of times as a choreographer you could be really different. As a dancer when you're dancing but that's okay all you need to do is to first understand how the choreographer is kind expecting you or wanting you to move and once you master that you can then go on to add your own extern your own flavor to it now that being said sometimes again it's not easy to just mimic your choreographer or your instructor so same tip for you.

Bonus tip which is to dissect different parts of the choreographer or instructor and learn and master that so this is your chance to slice up okay your choreographer and your instructor and then mentally take notes, and understand which different parts I'll give you a very clear example when I dance and I'm trying to learn a dance choreography when I look at the instructor or the choreographer the first thing I look at I'll look at the legs first I'm not going to look at all the different body parts I'm just going to look at the legs first okay this leg goes on which side okay how about the other leg which leg does that go once, I get the base correct then I look at his arms or her arms and I go like okay where are her arms our arms are on this angle where are the Palms, are the Palms facing down to the audience facing up to the ceiling depends on where it is and then once I'm done with that perhaps. I'll do the hit okay where's the head going to be and then perhaps if I go even further it could be the eyes, how is she looking up or her eyes down what's the intention everyone does it differently but this is definitely a tip that really changes your whole choreography game on learning a choreography game and this is going to make sure that you're going up one step further and one step higher than everyone else.

Have you tried any of the tips that we've given you today in class or whether you're learning it online have you tried it at home if you have drop it down in the comment below and tell us which one really hit the spot for you in helping you to learn dance choreography faster now if you found this video really useful don't forget to like And subscribe and it'll really help us as a brand it makes so much difference for all of us to keep producing more great content for you, now if you have any questions or if you have any Topics in mind burning desires that you really need to know about how to master dance tell us whether it's dropping it down or comment below whether it's

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