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Home Dance Mats for Ballet, Aerial, Jazz, Contemporary Dance, Gymnastics | 26 April 2020


Our Founder, Sandra, cutting up dance mats for dancers at home.


Today is going to be a very special video because I’m going to be cutting up our very own dance studio for you! (Sandra waves a penknife)

So I know a lot of people are thinking, “Why Sandra, are you crazy? You just built your own dance studio, why are you doing this? Now you want do destroy it?”

My reply is, “Yes, because I’m cutting things up so that more people can get to dance at home!”

It’s true. I think I am a little bit crazy sometimes, but here’s the thing. In Singapore right now, I’m sure a lot of you guys already know that we are having our “circuit breaker” and it has extended all the way to 1st June 2020. The thing is that a lot of people do need a studio space at home. I did actually speak to my Free Movement team and everyone thinks it would serve more people if we were to cut up our dear dance floor so we can pass it to people who need it more at home, because everyone has to stay at home to dance now. So, today what we are going to do it cut up the beautiful dance studio and send it all out to you guys and girls!

Alright, one last look at the beautiful studio... (Sandra dances around the studio dance mats)

For all of you guys wondering, no, there’s only me here, and I’m going to show you how wide our dance studio is.

Okay, now that I’m done with all of the craziness, I am going to start cutting the dance floor!

I’ve just managed to cut out the length of 4.5m and the width of 2m. Right now, I am just going to clean it up (using a natural cleaner) a bit before I start to roll it up.

Alright dancers, so as you can see it is getting a little bit dark outside right now, and I am finally done with wrapping this whole dance mat up! This dance mat here is actually for Shirly and Renise’s whole family, it’s going to go over to them later today so that they can continue with their dance classes at home. Let me show you how tall this mat is, it’s pretty tall!

I hope that you have enjoyed watching our dance studio being ripped apart! Oh gosh, we are actually back to square one! I know a lot of people are thinking like, where are the dance instructors going to teach after this since we are actually cutting up these dance mats. We are actually going to replenish the dance flooring of course so that by the time we can reopen we can put it back up, and classes will resume as normal.

Look at here, nice and pretty (flooring with mats), and here (without mats).

If you have any questions regarding our dance mats, feel free to let us know. This is a 3.5mm dance mat that we have in light grey colour, which is also my favourite colour. So, I’ll see you soon, take care, and bye!


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