Dancewear Tips

  • Staples of a Dance and Fitness Wardrobe

    Every dancer and fitness enthusiast needs a reliable wardrobe to give them the proper support and confidence they need to give it their all during their classes and activities. While each person has their own style and unique taste, there are undoubtedly certain pieces that will always be needed by all, regardless of the style or type of activity they chose to partake in.  View Post
  • Why Tom Daly's knitting is just as important as his diving

    What was our favourite moment of the olympics? Tom Daley knitting in the stands! Not only do we appreciate his very skilled needle work and meaningful designs, we also love how he shared how his knitting directly helped his diving experiences. View Post
  • How To Prevent A Camel Toe Situation

    Hate having camel toe when you are in your fitness apparels or dancewear costumes? In this video with Sandra Faustina, Director of Free Movement Singapore, she shares how you can manage this problem and be able to wear your attire with confidence. View Post