Get to Know the Dances - Hip Hop

Welcome back to our “Get to know the Dances!” series – a collection of posts that will look behind the choreography and classes of the various dance styles, to provide you with a quick history of the dance that you enjoy (or are thinking about) dancing!

In the spotlight this week is Hip Hop - the "jack of all trades" of dances, Hip Hop is influenced by almost all genres of dance, with features from both classical dances like ballet and tap, as well as more modern styles like breaking and locking. It is an ever evolving style that is a long established crowd-pleaser.



Hip Hop first emerged from the Bronx in New York City, and was originally a combination of Breaking, Locking, and Popping. Unlike classical dance styles, Hip Hop was performed on the streets wherever there was space to perform. Being in the public's clear view, it quickly gained popularity amongst the community. It was often danced to up-tempo music with strong beats.


Rising Popularity in Night Clubs

As Hip Hop gained popularity, it also became extremely accessible to the public. Given its street origins, Hip Hop holds a heavy emphasis on self-expression and enjoyment, which meant that anyone could participate in it. This made it a particularly fun dance style to participate in, especially in night clubs and dance clubs. Hip Hop music could be heard coming out from every club, and this mass participation helped fuel the growing popularity of Hip Hop in society.


Continued Development

Hip Hop continues to evolve, combining "traditional" hip hop moves with other styles to create new combinations. Movies like the "Step Up" franchise combine hip hop with ballet, the popular dance show So You Think You Can Dance is famous for the introduction of lyrical Hip Hop, and the Broadway hit "Hamilton" combined musical theatre with Hip Hop to create one of the most successful musicals in history. Hip Hop is limited only by one's imagination.


Thinking about Starting Hip Hop?

For the individual looking to express themselves in a new way, Hip Hop is an excellent choice. Free Movement's Hip Hop Instructor Jia Xi focuses on cultivating a conducive space that enables you to push your boundaries within a safe learning environment, believing that inspiration can come from many places. If you’re looking into taking a Hip Hop class, drop by the Free Movement dance studio on Wednesday at 7.30pm for our beginner friendly class!

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