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Open Packages for Open Minds - Exploring multiple dance and fitness classes

by Tessa Teo 19 Jul 2021 0 Comments

With dance and fitness becoming increasingly accessible to those of all ages, fitness and skills levels, more studios (including our very own Free Movement Studio!) are offering open class packages instead of fixed packages for their in-studio fitness and dance sessions. While a fixed package entitles you to a set number of classes for a specific dance style, an open package is much more flexible - when you purchase an open package, you buy a set number of classes which can be used for any of the open classes offered by the studio. 


Open class packages are like a "buffet" for fitness and dance enthusiasts alike - when you want to sample a little bit of a wide variety, these packages are the best option available. No matter what level you dance or work out at (whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro), there are significant benefits to purchasing open packages and trying out a variety of classes. 


For the Dance and Fitness Beginner

1. Discover different styles before deciding which you like the best

For those just starting their dance and fitness journeys, open packages give you the flexibility of discovering the many different styles of dance being offered by your studio. This enables you to try different class types before deciding if you are better suited to any particular style, or if you want to keep exploring your options. If you do end up finding your style, you can happily commit to it knowing you've had the opportunity to try a multitude of options. 


2. Create a dance and fitness schedule that best suits your needs

Closed packages can often be very restrictive time wise. When first starting out in dance and fitness, a big turn off can be the inflexible commitment to the studio's specific class times and schedules. Open packages remove this worry entirely - by allowing you to attend any of the classes available, you can happily attend a class when it is best suited to your daily/weekly/monthly schedule, without having to worry about adjusting your timetable to make classes. 


For the Seasoned Dance and Fitness Goer

3. Broaden your horizons

It is never to late to broaden your horizons in dance and fitness! Whether you're looking to fuse two different styles together, or want to combine fitness workouts with your dance classes to help increase your skills and capabilities, open packages allow you to mix and match different classes to help you achieve the goals that you set for yourself!



Interested to see what our very own studio has to offer? Check out our open class packages and pick the one that is right for you! Our class packages can be used for any of the classes (both dance and fitness) offered on our Free Movement Weekly timetable!

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