Dance Fitness

  • Staples of a Dance and Fitness Wardrobe

    Every dancer and fitness enthusiast needs a reliable wardrobe to give them the proper support and confidence they need to give it their all during their classes and activities. While each person has their own style and unique taste, there are undoubtedly certain pieces that will always be needed by all, regardless of the style or type of activity they chose to partake in.  View Post
  • Open Packages for Open Minds - Exploring multiple dance and fitness classes

    Open class packages are like a "buffet" for fitness and dance enthusiasts alike - when you want to sample a little bit of a wide variety, these packages are the best option available. No matter what level you dance or work out at (whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro), there are significant benefits to purchasing open packages and trying out a variety of classes.  View Post
  • Motivation comes from within - Keeping track of your dance and fitness progress

    Without a definite goal to works towards, such as a performance, competition or even regular classes, it is easy to feel unmotivated. In order to prevent this, we need to be able to find ways to motivate ourselves to ensure our continued growth and improvement. Thus, we recommend these healthy habits that you can practice in order to keep yourself engaged and motivated to better yourself and meet your full potential as a fitness or dance enthusiast. View Post