Support Your Studios and Instructors through Covid-19

Due to the constantly evolving state of Covid-19, many dance and fitness studios, instructors and classes have been inordinately impacted. Dance and fitness remains at the mercy of the virus. When cases were low and stable, dance and fitness cases were allowed to happen, albeit with some safe-distancing measures in place. However, now that the number of active clusters and community cases has seen a recent uptick, the ability of dance and fitness classes to continue has been greatly limited, with more uncertainty looming in the air.


No one doubts that the implementation of stricter safe-distancing measures is a necessary step to curb current and future outbreaks of the virus, especially with the emergence of new, more contagious, and potentially more dangerous strains of Covid-19. This is why in the lead up to Singapore's return to phase 2 restrictions, many dance and fitness studios, within the hectic span of 4 days, were quickly making arrangements to ensure the safety of their patrons. Despite conflicting and changing advice from the various agencies emerging, studio owners and instructors persevered, and many found ways to adapt their studios and classes to adhere to the current regulations, while still keeping classes and sessions running.


Dance and fitness studio owners and instructors have faced tremendous difficulties throughout the ongoing pandemic. For many, their livelihood has undergone constant financial uncertainty and stress, as well as a forced hiatus from their ability to share their passions with their students and patrons. And yet despite these hardships, they have constantly found ways to adapt, to keep hopeful, and to keep serving their communities. The dance and fitness classes and opportunities they have continued to provide, whether in reduced physical class sizes, in outdoor spaces, or online, have given many people a much needed escape from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. 


It is therefore essential that we, as dancers and fitness enthusiasts, continue to show our appreciation and support for studio owners and dance instructors. While many of us may feel frustrated or inconvenienced by the new measures affecting our abilities to fully enjoy the activities, we need to remain positive and continue to support one another in the dance and fitness scene to ensure that it can continue to grow and prosper, no matter what the circumstances. 


Here are some ways that you can show your support to your studios and instructors:


1. Respect their Covid-19 rules and measures

While you may not be happy, or may not even agree, with the measures that your studio or instructors have decided to take, it is important that you respect their decisions, the rules they implement, and the measures they have decided to implement to keep their studio, staff and patrons safe. No studio or instructor has taken their decisions lightly, with many consulting the necessary authorities to ensure that their space and activities are safe and do not put anyone's health at risk. Be patient, understanding, and follow all the rules that have been put in place.


2. Support their physical classes

If you are fortunate enough to be able to attend low-intensity dance and fitness classes, continue to support your studio's efforts to keep their doors open. Many studios are still holding private classes and small group classes (at a reduced capacity), or ar conducting outdoor classes instead. While these may not have been you first-choice of dance class or fitness activity, your studio and instructors have put in lots of effort to provide you with opportunities to keep dancing, and it would be nice to show them your support by attending and enjoying yourself safely! 


3. Support their online efforts

While online classes might not be the perfect replacement, they are still a way for you to keep active! More importantly, it provides your studio and instructors a viable way to keep classes going while adhering to the current regulations. They've done their best to provide you with engaging classes and content online, and you can show your appreciation by continuing to support their online efforts!


4. Keep your studios and instructors safe

Your studios and instructors are doing their bit to keep you safe, so return the favour and keep them safe too! Remember to always wear your masks, and don't linger around the studio before or after your class. If you're not feeling well, or if the studio has requested that you keep your distance as a precaution, please do as they say and ensure that you only return to the studio when you are healthy and symptom free! 


Keeping the dance and fitness community safe and healthy is a shared responsibility - Studios and Instructors are fervently doing their part, so it is only fair that we, as their patrons, do the same and help keep them healthy, safe and afloat during these times as well!

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