What’s in a bag – Packing essentials for Dance and Fitness classes

Whatever dance or fitness activity you’re planning to take part in, it is essential that you come to class prepared. A well-packed bag for class ensures that you have everything necessary to fully immerse yourself in the experience.


Having a good packing routine is a good habit to develop as a beginner, and a skill developed over the years by many dancers. A person’s class bag is a reflection of their focus. Well-packed bags not only show that a person is already thinking about their class and prepared for it, but also give their owners peace of mind, knowing that they have everything they need to succeed at their fingertips. A messy bag, on the other hand, creates a hectic state of mind that can be frustrating, especially when you forget something you need for class. This takes away your focus from, and creates unnecessary stress.


While specific dances and fitness activities will have their own specific items that may be needed, there are some things that everyone, no matter what style or genre they choose, should always have when heading to class!


Dance and Fitness Wear


Having the proper attire is an essential part of any dancer’s/fitness enthusiast’s routine, and should thus always be packed in your bag. While each genre will have its own specific requirements, it is indisputable that the right attire should always have a place in your dance bag.


If you’re dancing/taking classes in multiple styles on that day, consider apparel that is multi-purpose. When in doubt, a comfortable top with good support and well-fitting leggings are a safe and sensible choice. For more specific attire, ask your studio or teacher for advice, as they would know the best attire suited to your style.


Dance and Fitness Footwear


Proper footwear supports your feet and prevents injuries such as sprains and falls. It is thus necessary to ensure that you bring the required shoes/footwear to class to ensure that you can participate in class to your best abilities!


If you are afraid of odours, or that your shoes will dirty the rest of your bad, you might consider getting a simple shoe bag to keep your dance shoes in! This can be any simple drawstring bag or zip bag (which you can even learn to make yourself with our beginner sewing lessons!)


Hair ties and pins


If you have long hair, or hair that keeps getting in your face, having these on stand-by (as well as having extras available in case you lose some!) is a good call. It can get quite irritating when you have to keep flicking the hair out of your face, so knowing you can easily fix the problem will help prevent these small irritations from preventing your enjoyment of class.


Water bottle (and a snack!)


Always keep hydrated in class! While it is easy enough to get your hands on a bottle of water if you forget one, it is a good habit to always bring your own bottle. Bringing your own bottle is a subconscious reminder that you need to take care of your body, a good habit to get into no matter what level you’re dancing of exercising at. Additionally, personal water bottles are much more sustainable and environmentally friendly!


If you know you tend to get hungry after class, it is also good to include a small snack (like a banana or granola bar) in your dance bag as well. This can help prevent hunger cramps from occurring after class!


Plasters and sports tape


The most common mild injuries experienced by dancers are blisters and mild strains (such as pulled muscles). It is thus always good to keep plasters and a roll of sports tape in your bag for minor injuries, as a form of first aid. While these are in no way a substitute for medical attention (which you should seek if you are experiencing pain or constant discomfort), they are good to have around to alleviate immediate discomfort.




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