Soundproof Shock-Absorbant Mat

  • $1,109.00
  • $96.00

The Free Movement™ Soundproof Mat is a high performance mat that offers superior noise and sound reducing benefits, preventing impact and interior airborne noise from traveling to other rooms, vibrations and are ultra shock-absorbant! Use it as a single layer by itself or use under a Free Movement™ Marley Dance Mat.

- Excellent sound-proofing
- Abrasion resistant
- Durable
- Vibration reduction
- Shock absorbent 
- Comfortable on your feet 
- Eco-friendly 
- Easy DIY installation
- Simple maintenance
- Size Customisable

With shock absorbant rubber mats, an entire fitness gym or home gym can be fully fitted with proper rubber flooring. These rubber mats absorb shock and vibration which helps with ensuring that there is less disturbances to neighbours. Heavy equipments are no problem!

For some dance studio spaces, especially those with concerns of loud sounds and vibrations travelling to neighbours in housing estates or commercial spaces, we offer the solution of first installing our soundproof rubber mats before installing our Marley Mats on top. This means that there will be 2 layers: base layer rubber mat and top layer Marley Mat of your choice.

Even though this does mean that the total floor thickness would increase, the effectiveness has been so overwhelming that is has result in great relationships with neighbours!

Size customisable! Reach out to us and let us know the size of your floor.