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Alban Lendorf and Misty Copeland in Giselle. Photo by Gene Schiavone - American Ballet Theatre

Welcome to Free Movement Dance, where the captivating world of ballet awaits you! Whether you're a budding dancer or an adult with a passion for movement, our ballet classes cater to all ages and experience levels. Immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of ballet, where elegance, grace, and self-expression intertwine to create a mesmerizing experience.

Our Ballet Classes

Baby Ballet (Ages 3-6)

Introduce your little one to the magic of dance through our Baby Ballet classes, specially designed for ages 3 to 6. Our patient instructors guide young dancers in creative movements, storytelling, and basic ballet techniques. These playful exercises develop motor skills, coordination, and an enduring love for dance.

Beginner Ballet

Embark on a journey of self-discovery through our Beginner Ballet classes, open to all ages and backgrounds. No previous experience is required. Our skilled instructors will guide you through the essentials of ballet techniques, terminology, and postures. As you progress, you'll gain strength, flexibility, and confidence, all while delighting in the art of movement. Ignite your passion for dance, master foundational techniques, and embrace the thrill of graceful movement. Join us for a journey that blends artistry with excitement, all while discovering the joy of dance!

Adult Ballet

Realize your dream of dancing with grace and poise through our Adult Ballet classes. Whether you're reliving a childhood passion or starting a new journey, our skilled instructors will guide you through the graceful techniques of ballet. Our Adult Ballet classes provide a supportive, non-judgmental environment to foster growth and enjoyment. This class combines the fundamentals of ballet with a focus on alignment, flexibility, and poise. Join us to nurture your body and embrace the artistry of dance in our Adult Ballet class. Classes are 1.5 hour for a more immersive experience.

Ballet's Rich History

Ballet's roots trace back to the Renaissance courts of Italy and France, where it evolved from elaborate court spectacles into a sophisticated art form. Throughout the centuries, ballet has preserved its elegance while embracing innovation. It has since evolved into various styles, each with its unique characteristics and influences.

Fascinating Ballet Facts

  • The term "ballet" originates from the Italian word "ballare," meaning "to dance."
  • Professional dancers can burn up to 1000 calories per hour during intensive rehearsals.
  • Tutus come in two main styles: the romantic tutu (long) and the classical tutu (short and stiff).
  • Pointe shoes allow female dancers to dance on their toes, requiring immense strength and training.
  • Tchaikovsky's compositions, like "Swan Lake" and "The Nutcracker," are iconic in the ballet world.

Celebrated Ballerinas

Numerous ballerinas have made significant contributions to dance. Notable names include:

  1. Anna Pavlova: Known for "The Dying Swan" and her role in popularizing ballet globally.
  2. Misty Copeland: The first African American female principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre.
  3. Alicia Alonso: Founded the National Ballet of Cuba and showcased remarkable technical prowess.

Types of Ballet

Ballet comes in various forms, each with distinctive characteristics:

  • Classical Ballet: Known for its traditional techniques and graceful movements.
  • Neoclassical Ballet: Blends classical techniques with modern elements.
  • Contemporary Ballet: Fuses ballet techniques with modern dance styles.

World's Top Ballet Schools

  1. Royal Ballet School (London, UK)
  2. Paris Opera Ballet School (Paris, France)
  3. Bolshoi Ballet Academy (Moscow, Russia)
  4. School of American Ballet (New York, USA)
  5. Vaganova Academy (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Iconic Ballet Performances

  • The Nutcracker: A holiday classic featuring enchanting characters and magical scenes.
  • Swan Lake: A timeless tale of love, deception, and transformation.
  • Giselle: A haunting story of love, betrayal, and forgiveness.
  • Romeo and Juliet: Shakespeare's tragic love story interpreted through ballet.

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Unveil your inner dancer by joining our ballet classes at Free Movement Dance. From Baby Ballet to Adult Ballet, there's a class for everyone. Immerse yourself in the art, history, and beauty of ballet. For more details about class schedules and enrollment, contact us. Let the elegance and grace of ballet inspire your journey!