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  • The Dangers of Over and Under Confidence

    Confidence is tricky - have too much of it and it can cause you to become arrogant. Have too little and it can hold your back from achieving your personal best. It is important to recognise that both over and under confidence can risk your personal safety and future progression, and it is more important to know how you can prevent either from occuring. View Post
  • Back to the Beginning - Why it is always a good idea to revisit your basics

    It is always important to stop, reflect, and go back to basics. Many people think that the more advanced you get, the less you'll need to go for classes covering basic technique, but the opposite couldn't be more true. The more we progress, the more we should re-visit our basics. View Post
  • Advice for Perfect Dance Hair

    Achieving the perfect dance hairstyle isn't difficult, but it does requiring proper planning and practice. Whether you're in class, at a competition, or planning a performance, we've collated some timeless advice to help you achieve the perfect hairdo! View Post