Physical Health

  • Dance Injury Anxiety - How to support the injured dancer in your life

    When dancers sustain a bad injury or fall, they become cautious of the dance move they were attempting to do when the accident occured. Depending on how serious the injury sustained was, a dancer may even become fearful of the circumstances that led up to his or her fall. It is important to know how you can support the dancer in your life to help minimise their anxieties and fears, thus allowing them to recover at a speed that is best suited for them. View Post
  • Prioritising Personal Health and Safety - Lessons from the Olympics

    What can the Olympics teach us about prioritising physical and mental health? Athletes often get injured and face great mental stresses, and Olympians, perhaps the most elite group of athletes there are, are no different. Their decisions and reactions in relation to their injuries and health demonstrate important life lessons that the rest of us need to learn, especially in prioritising our own wellbeing. View Post
  • Developing Good Dance "Routines" - How to maximise your productivity as a dancer

    Improve your productivity as a dancer by developing good habits and turning them into a "dance day routine"! It is always important to maximise the dance classes you take, and small actions culminate into big results. Knowing what to do before, during and after class to ensure you are both physically and mentally ready for dance is the first step to ensuring you have a fruitful and enjoyable class! View Post